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Annie Kehoe - Web and Graphic Designer

portland web designer annie kehoeI aim to design websites for smaller businesses and independent professionals because entrepreneurs are the most determined and charismatic people around. They are my favorite people on the planet to work with.

My website design process is organic and intuitive. With every client I commit to learning everything I can about their business, their brand, and their competition. My goal is to understand my client and his/her industry inside and out, so that I can create a friendly and highly effective web site experience for their customer base.

I've been lucky to live and work in several cities - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London - each with their own unique client types and general vibe. I'm deliriously happy to finally land in Portland - the best city ever! - and be able to design for inclusive and meaningful projects and companies.

I adopted the name "Happy Fever" to honor the inspired and productive state of flow I hope to achieve every time I sit down to work.


And Who are You? I have a wild guess:

small business website portlandYou are confident, passionate, and you love what you do. You understand and embrace the uncertainty that comes with running your own show. Even when life gives you a stomach-flip, you're fearless at the top of the ride.

...and that makes me your biggest fan.

Now let’ hug it out.


Portland Web Design

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