Custom & affordable web design for professionals and small businesses of Portland, Oregon

[hap·py fe·ver]

def. noun
1. a heightened state of creative productivity where hours fly by;
2. momentum behind one determined to succeed;
3. Euphoria after realizing your company has limitless possibilities.

A fresh, intelligent, and user-friendly site is your business's biggest asset. My intention is to create clean and effective websites for small businesses so that they can communicate who they are and why they matter. I build/code site from the ground up, and also offer Wordpress set-up/customization/design. I specifically aim to design for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals in the Portland, Oregon area.

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one:  Use great design to make your business more attractive and marketable.
two:  Offer pricing that won't put you out of business.
three:  Take your company's deepest truth and make it understood by all.

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Web Designer - Annie Kehoe

portland web designer annie kehoe"Web site design process is organic and intuitive. With every client I commit to learning everything I can about their business, their brand, and their competition."

"My goal is to understand my client and his/her industry inside and out, so that I can create a friendly and highly effective web site experience for their customer base..." read more

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